No Plane Is Ever Finished.

A usually incomplete list of my planes in something like chronological order.

My Least Hacked Plane
Ready-to-fly-fun's T-Hawk is the World's Best Starter Plane

The Slow Stick
The heavy lifter of trainers. Too big.

The Pretty Pico Stick
I made the mistake of overdressing.

The Maxi Stick
Total Mutt. A mix of parts from several kits.

The Nippy Stick
It all finally comes together for the first time.

Pocket Combat Wing!
Incredibly intense fun in a very small, cheap package.

A pretty fair beginner plane. Unfortunately, I had already begun.

The Slofly Electric Wing
Exactly what I wanted to try in a zagi-type plane.
But much better.

Building My Slofly Mini
Excruciating detail in a blow-by-blow of bad ideas.

Under three ounces, under the roof, overwhelming.

Split 280 Powered By Tweety
This is the infamous "Boink Zoom" Plane.

Mini GeeBee Depron Cheapo 3-D
Kinda crappy but it did the job. Took a beating, too.

Blade EPP 3D Trainer
Also kinda crappy. Also did the job. Also took a beating.

Radical RC Micro Stick
The Diddlebug got me started on small balsa planes. This was next.

Radical RC Mini Stick
I was so impressed with the Micro, I had to try the Mini.

E-Spresso Con Panna
The Balsa Craze in full tilt. Great little flyer in the end.

Fifi: a 24-inch EPP 3d Poodle Plane
Packing foam gone wild..

Cold Precision From Nemesis 3D-II
A floater on rails; my best balsa to date.

UFO: Upside-down Flying Object
My bash of Dan Kreigh's venerable Mini IFO.

The Amazing Slofly Axial EPP Biplane
Slow, light, and easy to maneuver. Calm air is best!

Slofly 22-inch Micro EPP 3D/Pattern Plane
Best all-around EPP performer you can get. Looks cool, too!

Horsefly Hobbies Fokker Dr 1 Triplane. Woo!
An unprecedented combination of looks, performance and price.

Spitfire: Murderous Grace
This GWS model is very hard to build, but wonderful if you succeed.

Zero: Maybe The Most Agile Fighter Ever
The model flies like the original, tight and tricky.

Big Pig Corsair Flies Like A Pussycat
I thought this would be too fat to be limber. Wrong!

Clothes Make The Messerschmidt
Doppelganger Me-109 looks too good to shoot down.

Formosa: The Best Flying GWS Plane
The character on the wing means "North."

F.O.G. = Floats Off Grass
The idea was to make a float flyer that can actually fly.

Eflite Trilobite
I sooooo hate the name of this plane. Also the logo graphics. Flies okay.

MCX Micro Heli
I thought the Lama was small when I got it. But this time I'm sure.

Losers And Failed Experiments
Mostly pieces of crap. But some are interesting.