Maxi Stick

I really thought this plane would fly well

After the Mini Blue Max crashed and sat fermenting, Ak had a great idea: just about anything could be mounted to a Slow Stick aluminum rod using various GWS fixtures. So the tail feathers and wing found their way onto a Slow Stick aluminum pole, and the wings fit the SS mounts perfectly.

However, when all was said and done, the plane flew like a wounded duck. I suspected the dihedral (the V shape of the wings as viewed from the front) but am now more suspicious of the negative camber (the 'scooped' airfoil under the wing). So after a crash, I rebuilt it with anhedral on the suggestion of a former military pilot.

This actually seemed to fly fairly well, but the opinions were mixed. I thought it was pretty much okay, but Ak thought it was about the same as before.

I was destined never to know for sure. After about two minutes of testing by Ak, on the second flight, a weakness in my wing joints made itself apparent and the plane went down in spectacular fashion.

Fortunately the pilot didn't burn.

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Copyright 2004 by David Mark North