Mini GeeBee 3-D

Looks cool flying, but flops around a lot.

A very cheap kit from Hobby-Lobby, and a good thing. I picked it up as something to start 3-D training with and immediately beat the living crap out of it. I think it's basically a dog, but it did work to get me started.

It's harder to fly than it should be, poorly designed (lots of unsupported weak points) but does have a carbon fiber bow that helps a bit when it noses in. Then again, because it's absurdly unstable and has a strong desire to roll out and flop about, it noses in a lot unless you're careful.

There's no place for careful when learning to hover. So.

I also tried putting it together as an IPS-driven plane (smaller motor, less weight) to see if loading it down with the Nippy 0808/78 was the problem, but it still flew herky-jerky and flopped around. So basically, it's a poor design.

Looks kinda cool, though. And it got me far enough with 3D to convince me to look for something better.

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Copyright 2004 by David Mark North