Tiny New S300 Heli

When I say tiny I mean it.

I was just starting to have some fun fooling around with my old coaxial Lama heli but it suddenly decided to go pfft right in the middle of a flight. No warning, no obvious problem, just freakout and smoke. Oops.

So I dropped by Aeromicro and they had the Blade MCX "scale" S300 on a double sale -- price lowered and 10% off. Who could resist? Obviously not me.

The really fun thing? This gem easily outflies the klunky Lama it replaced, even though it's only half the size and maybe 1/8 the mass. Technology marches on. And even better, I can fly it indoors without blowing all the papers around or making other messes. With the Lama, I mostly had to stick to the bedroom or take it outdoors. Not no more!

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Copyright 2009 by David Mark North