Everybody Wants A Fokker Triplane

I've got one! Notice anything weird about this picture?

A frivolous birthday present to myself. Every kid loves the Dr 1, so why not grownups? I wish it somehow had the "real" cowling, but otherwise it's a good impression of the original.

I didn't expect it to fly particularly well, as most models of the Dr 1 apparently do not. But frivolity won out, and I spent about a week of spare time building it 'just so.'

It flies great! Slow floater with decent general handling, solid hover, and a roll rate that is not to be believed. Its coolest trick so far is a vertical nose-up gyro spin tail slide. Never heard of it? I've never seen another plane that can do it!

If you're beyond beginner and want something amazing, this should be on your list.

Tech Notes:

  • Handmade 14-turn 24awg 22.7-stator CDROM motor
  • Slofly bearing tube and motor mount (external)
  • HE 540 Servo for ailerons with Hitec long arms
  • GWS pico servos for tailfeathers
  • Handmade arm extender on elevator
  • GWS R4PII Receiver
  • Castle Phoenix 10 ESC
  • All-up weight 6.7oz with Thunderpower 730 2s

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Copyright 2005 by David Mark North