Me-109 In Snazzy Togs

On-the-fly photos by Pete Johnson

There wasn't -- to my knowledge -- any Me-109 that looked quite like thi (or Bf 109, as earlier models were called). However, each element did appear on some plane or other, so it has at least that much authenticity. It's a dead ringer for one I built a few weeks before that only had two flights. On the third, the receiver gave out completely and destroyed the plane.

I liked the way it flew, but I especially liked the way it looked. And I was in a particularly nasty Fate Will Not Win Every Time sort of mood. So here it is again, and weirdly the second version actually flies better. Like most wheezing old GWS designs, this is a little bit hard to balance with LiPos and brushless motors, but it does work out. Flies at a hair under 14oz and will knife edge all day.

Originally it ran two Eflite 7.5 servos for the tail, a GWS Naro HP/BB for the ailerons, CC TBird 18 ESC, and 15T Delta Komodo 257D motor. Since then I learned Eflite servos stink, so I replaced them with two GWS Pico Standards -- much better. The Naro has been great. The ESC was upgraded to a Phoenix 25, and the motor changed out to an MPJet Big Red (still pumping 3S with an 8060 APC Slow Fly prop). Only the stab, elevator and front of the wings were glassed to keep weight down (which is important). Note the funky two-color spinner that Pete managed to almost stop dead.

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Copyright 2007 by David Mark North