I Call It A Trilobite

Pavane With Plane

It was time to get something that allows me more control in roll and slow knife edge maneuvers. First I tried getting a balsa plane, but that turned out heavy and clumsy. So I saw a vid on the web where some folks were doing the stuff I wanted to work on with this plane, plus Perry at Aeromicro was all pumped to sell me one.

It's pretty fair in knife, does slow down, and I'm starting to get the hang of rolling it nose up. However, it's wingrocky (the webvid folks used SFGs, which I hate) and constructed poorly. Lots of mods and fixes required. Overall, I wish I had simply got a Sniper or Flash or something like that. I probably will eventually.

A light touch is traditional.

Hover is pretty good, really. I could use some belly-toward practice, and it will help with that, but mostly I'm just trying to get the feel of the plane and dial it in right now. I've already busted the nose. The best part of the plane is the motor -- I ponied up for a Microdan 2510 kit, which is wound 13-turn 23 awg in this photo, runnin a 1060 GWS prop at over 80% efficiency. I use about 550-600 mAh in a ten minute flight with excellent power, pullout and vertical. This motor should probably be the default 14-18oz 3D pump.

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