Too Pretty To Fight

It's just colored tape, but I like it a lot

Early in my flight career I couldn't stand Ak's Pico Stick (her first electric plane. She had previously flown gas. For that matter, I had flown control-line, but it's nothing like RC).

Primarily I hated the twitchiness -- I could not fly it at all. Well, I couldn't fly anything until I got the T-Hawk, but that's another issue.

As I acquired some basic skills, though, I learned to appreciate the lighter handling and crashworthiness of the Pico Stick, and later when I was comfortable flying, enjoyed looping it, trying to get decent barrel rolls, and the great fun of flying it inverted.

All of this became reasonable once I clipped its wings. The original design is for large indoor spaces, and has huge wings. But out in 'real world' winds, they are a deficit.

Here's how it looked on its one and only 'original issue' flight

The only other effective mod I made was to decouple the landing gear from the front wing mount so they don't interfere with the battery. Otherwise this is a fine plane 'out of the box,' but I persist in the idea that it's not a good starter plane. Too easily blown around and a bit too twitchy.

A lot of fun though

Too pretty to fight? After we both had them under control, Ak wanted to do aerial combat with them. But I was too worried about messing mine up because it looked so nice -- what a bore. By the time I got over it, she had already retired hers to use the electronics for something more interesting.

Oh well.

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Copyright 2004 by David Mark North