Radical RC Mini Stick

Supposed to be fast, so I made it red.

It was fast! Hot, great vertical, smooth handling and well-mannered. Dave Thacker knows how to design planes that fly, and do it well. And are fun while you do it!

Note the nifty removeable rubber-band mounted landing gear. They worked great, and never overstressed the airframe. Though wheels slow the Micro down too much, the Mini had enough horsepower to just ram through the drag.

I did end up selling it. Not because I didn't like it, but because I had too many planes and it started to collect neglect. I learned a lesson from Mehrdad, who thinks you get to a point where you'll crash a plane if you don't get rid of it. Having seen that happen, I thought I'd move this to a better home before I did something dumb.

Truth to tell, I was just too interested in developing the Micro, which doesn't fly as well but is just so weird...

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Copyright 2005 by David Mark North