High-Tension Pocket Combat Wing

Fakey action shot. Note the feathered prop.

Twenty inches of raw thrill. There just aren't many planes that are as pure an expression of fun. The PCW weighs in around four ounces and has a feeble power plant, but clocks in somewhere around 40mph. That's enough to keep your attention.

Though you can add all kinds of extreme power plants if you wish, the stock GWS IPS-DD is plenty -- especially when coupled to the non-stock 3030 prop (it's a bit docile with the 3020).

Because of the sensitive balance, they have to be designed around a particular battery pack. These use the excellent last-gen Thunderpower 830 2-cell packs. The new 730 is about half an ounce lighter and has higher output -- so I'll eventually redesign around that. It should be even more intense!

I've actually built four of these, and will one day do a fifth. (I just got the latest airframe upgrade but haven't yet put it together. My Blue Smiley works so well!)

These are my first two. The top one is named Mondrian and I gave it to Ak, who loved it instantly. I then built the Red Sash and flew it happily for many months.

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Copyright 2004 by David Mark North