GWS Zero

Best pic I have doesn't do it justice!

Fairly scale looks up to about six feet, after which the "foaminess" starts to show up. Powered by a homebuilt motor @ about 125 watts. GWS Pico servos for the tail feathers and a Naro for the ailerons -- just for the fun of it I thought I'd try a mostly "stock" build. PolyRC 1200 20C 3s battery pulls about 12 amps full blast. T-Bird 18 ESC.

I took the undercamber out of the wing by cutting in a balsa plate and sanding it smooth, and reset the wing incidence by hogging out some of the rear of the main wing slot (you can almost see the curve in the photo). Smarter is just to reset the horizontal stab angle; it doesn't fit very well anyway.

The Zero is a very funky kit. The parts don't fit together as well as other GWS models. The fuse has no crossmembers, so it seems like it will be weak, but has proven to be pretty robust. The only support in the fuse is some strapping tape on the inside.

All-up weight is about 17 ounces. This is the best small-field flyer of my warbirds. Very tight maneuvers are possible, and it will recover from stall almost instantly. Oddly, it will hold right-wing-down knife all day long with no coupling. Does a terrific lomcevak to the left.

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Copyright 2006 by David Mark North