Close To Perfect.

The World's Best Starter Plane

...needs almost no mods. I did peel off most of the stickers and shorten the big "T-HAWK" on the wing to "AWK" for linux solidarity purposes.

The one thing it did need was a switch -- the battery isn't easy to get at if you just want to turn it safely off for a short time.

But as plane complaints go, that's tiny. It flies well, is easy to control, glides like a dream and has easy power to get up in the air. I can't recommend a better starter plane. It's also nearly indestructable: I even nosed it into a sidewalk a full power and was flying it again the next day!

Nothing to see here. Move along to more interesting (read: troublesome) planes.

Note: I did sell it at half price to another couple that looked like they needed a raw starter more than me. The only condition was that they couldn't resell it for any more than that price. These things should get around...

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Copyright 2004 by David Mark North