Formosa Disorientation

Bruce complains all the time that it can't fly upright.

Probably the closest thing to a bone stock build I've done of a GWS plane. It basically works "as-is." The only real mod is using an Axi 2208/34 instead of the stock power system. Very stable inverted.

Pretty stable knife, too.

But it can fly normally. What can I say? It's by far the best flyer GWS has come up with, and not bad at all. Certainly the industry bargain for a "learn to fly a real plane."

Update: Like almost any plane, the Formosa flies better at lower weight. The pictures on this page were shot when it weighed in at about 15-16oz all up with an Axi 2208/34 (good motor) and 900-1320 MaH LiPos. Since then I have dropped the motor size by 20 grams and am flying with 460-800 Mah LiPos, bringing the weight down to about 12 ounces. The difference is dramatic, and I intend to scrounge out further savings.

Incidentally, I did live in "Formosa" for two years, but we called it Taiwan. Formosa is Portuguese for "Beautiful Island" I think. It certainly is.

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