Welcome From The North


This is my favorite picture of me, not the least because you
can barely see what I look like (this is a Good Thing).
Shooting this incredible view from Death Valley's Golden Canyon
was the other thing I like best -- Akkana Peck.
(We got married October 7, 2001 and took a few pictures afterward).

I think I'm most "myself" climbing around to get a view
or see what's around the next corner.
If you like that kind of thing too, take a look around
the 'corners' below... you'll see I'm into:

The Real Timocharis.com
Our extremely kewl Debian/Via server.

President Emeritus of the San Jose Astronomical Society

My 12.5-inch Dob
This Two-Tube creation is my pride and joy...

Sometimes I write little things. Sometimes I post them.

My Doodle Projects
This stuff is just for fun...

Way too many digital pictures. Some are actually okay.

Help On Computing Etc.
The only known website with a help section.

D A V I D . M A R K . N O R T H