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Moon In The Clouds

After many years of running our own physical server
we moved it to a virtual machine on,
a great company.
We gave up mostly because at&t dsl was becoming
increasingly unreliable.
Almost every time we left town the connection
would drop out and stay dead until we got back.

We still run a local LAN server.
With USB3 and Gb ethernet it does a great job
and uses less power than our old server boards.
Maybe someday we'll move somewhere with reliable service
and set up our own server again.
Until then we couldn't be more pleased.

What's below is just for historic interest.

New Moon: Intel D525mwv

After over nine years in service our old Via EPIA 800 died.
It was slow and dorky but only used 12 watts at idle.
In "pig mode" that jumped up to something like 20 watts.
This board, about an order of magnitude more powerful,
sucks up 14 watts when idling and can jump over 20 when
slurping but almost never does. Probably a wash on elecricity,
but definitely a lot more grunt for the watt!
Big bonus: no fans. At all. Quiet.

The board is about seven inches square, or roughly 18 cm to a side.
For a size reference, the slot running along the right side
of the board is a standard PCI plug.

Of course, it's running Debian.

Drive and Power Supply

Old Moon

The original EPIA moon had a noisy fan and warm drives
so we stuck it out in the garage, where the heat and racket didn't
annoy the office workers. Note the fan from the power supply
kept the drives cool(er).

Secure Server

Secure Server

At first it was propped on the shelf, but it fell off one day,
so we made it into a "secure server":

Secure Server Hardware
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