Help On Various Topics

How many websites have their own Help section?
Okay, so I don't know either.

What if you don't understand the universe? You are not alone.

UDEV Rules Rendered Almost Understandable
Especially, how to get your multicard reader working without polling.

Linux On The Sony Vaio SR33
Warning! Some subject matter is SuSE specific.

Fedora Core1 On The Vaio SR33
I went through a lot of grief, but it's pretty easy really.

Linux And The Mako
How to get a Mako/Psion talking to a Linux mainframe.

Linux On The Mako
Installing Linux on your Mako/Psion. May be old news now.

A Dubious View Of The make -j(cpu+n) Advice
Where n = 1 or 2, usually. I think it's bunk.

D A V I D . M A R K . N O R T H