Here's the software in the Timocharis Project

Some of this stuff (fif, for example) is a little esoteric, but the
main point is to fill in some obvious gaps in the available *nix
command-line utilities.
    In particular, I wanted to get answers Right Now to questions that
come up Way Too Often.

hex is a little program to convert among decimal, hexadecimal
and octal numbers "on the fly."
    Instructions are in the readme file, and couldn't be much clearer.

fif is a simple program to give amateur (or professional!)
astronomers the Fully Illuminated Field of their newtonian scope
in degrees rather than the obtuse "inches" measurement normally
found in such programs.

ctemp is seemingly pathetic -- a temperature converter.
There have to be millions of them! But I couldn't find a clean
little command line version anywhere, so I just knocked this out.
Knock yourself out! Converts among Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.