First Assault On The Grand Staircase


Featuring The Great Flood, London Bridge, Hoodoos, Hanging Gardens, and The Shower Of Kolob.

London Bridge Disneyland

First we drove to Barstow on Sunday, October. For some reason, neither of us took any pictures. We planned originally to make Vegas, but hotel rates were outrageous because -- we were told -- Kenny Rogers was in town. A bumpkin personality of some sort. Barstow is a shorter drive anyway, and has better internet access.

We stayed at the Days Inn, which turned out to be pretty darn good for Barstow. Dinner was at Coco's, and was what you might expect.

Ak wanted to take the southern route so we could see London Bridge at Lake Havasu city. That's it above. Note the surprisingly plain architecture. It crosses to an island in the reservoir. The sound is popular with local boaters, who like to stop and drink beer on the shore.

I think this picture best gets across the ambience -- a cross between Disney and Vegas. The river boats stern wheel is a drogue, just spinning in the water. It has propellors. You get a glimpse of a truly horrid interpretation of Faux Chalet to the right. It's perfect. Out of view behind us are some truly interesting sandstone formations, but you can't see them from the town, which is huge and utterly sterile.

In horror, we fled.