Monday: Zion


The Trail Begins

The day started out innocently enough.

The drive into the park was perfect -- didn't get caught behind a single RV, only a minimal delay at The Tunnel (you get from one side of the park to the other via a very narrow tunnel that is closed half the time. An accident closed it again not long after we got through).

We got a great parking place at Park Headquarters, where you catch shuttle buses into their version of Yosemite Valley (most people can no longer drive inside during the busy season).

After seeing what the park had to offer on the way to the end, Ak was inclined to agree it was a sort of smallish park, but our target was the furthest point out, then some: The Narrows.

Like all gorges, this one is formed by a river. At the upper end, it narrows. And photos taken from there hinted it might be a remarkable place for a hike.

There were some warnings about hiking up there, but National Park warnings are, shall we say, for the faint of heart.

We were prepared, and off we went on this madscramble trail you see here, not particularly feeling challenged.

The asphalt is a little hard on my knees is all.