Yea Though I Drive Through ...


...all kinds of nasty terrain, I'll stop and take pictures. This was our first "big" trip after the honeymoon: March, 2002.

Looking Down In The Valley

Here we're at Arglebargle Point, accessible by a not-too-bad dirt road off the minor entrance road to the park. Most of this route is bad driving, but not horrible. A car could do it painfully.

Okay it's not really Arglebargle, but something even worse that sounds sorta like that. Some poor miner's name, as it turns out, and I guess he didn't make enough to pay a court to change it.

You take a short, steep, scrambly hike to the Edge Of The Universe, which would have the best view anywhere of the Valley save for the ridge in the way. It, however, is geologically and visually interesting in its own right.