View From The Dam


Refletions On Ak

Ever the opportunist, I thought this would be a fun shot to try, and Ak was game.

Weird as it is, with both of us having self-timer cameras, I think this is one of only two times where we posed for a picture together during the whole trip.

Lake Powell, for all it destroyed, nevertheless ends up being one of the most spectacular reservoirs I've ever seen. Down on this end, it's completely thick with boats, but rumor has it they thin out further up. This leaves Page as something of a boater and golf (don't ask me why) paradise, as far as we could tell.

There is also some good local slickrock for bike riding, and lots of BLM land to fool around on right across the river. Most of the land on the Page side is owned by the Navajo, who (probably rightly so) make it a pain in the ass to wander through.

So, across the river and into the woods we go...