Saturday: Natural Bridges


Saturday was mostly a road day, from Moab to Page AZ. But on the way we stopped at Natural Bridges National Monument, which is a dookey little park with three bridges, one of them pretty good (below) and some insignificant Indian ruins.

As you can see at right, they also have some wind in places.

However, if you want to see arches, just stop a bit south of Moab as you leave, and you can hang out on Wilson Arch free of charge, right at the side of the highway.

Basically, you drive around this park and look at the arches. If you want, you can hike down to them, but we decided to pass. If you have a Golden Eagle, it's barely worth the stop.

Not long after, we descended a great dirt road with an incredible view, heading toward Mexican Hat and Monument Valley.

In The Wind

Invisible Arch