Preliminaries And The Wedding


Friday, October 5: Cleaning

Ak took the day off to hang out with her mom, whom we thought would be arriving Thursday night. Nope.

She drove up Friday, so we spent the day cleaning up and preparing, all of which we needed to do. Ak ordered an angelfood cake, which we forgot to pick up the next day.

Her mom showed up as I was getting out of the bath and preparing to clean the tub, so we had to suffer the embarrassment of dirty porcelain.


Dinner at Kabul, of which there was a lot. My nerves had already started to fray, and I could not eat properly. Still, we had a good time.

Saturday, October 6: Dinner

Most of the day was getting ready for the wedding, with much help from Pat (Ak's mom, and mine too, now!)

The prenup dinner was at Menara, which came off great. Plenty to eat and good fun with Pat, BIll & Joan, Tim & Pam and Mojane. Champagne. Off to bed.

Sunday, October 7: Wedding

Alum Rock was perfect in terms of weather and noise -- almost nobody else was there. Alan Miller (Jane's dad) did a fine job solemnizing, and I promised Ak "everything forever." She did the "I will and I do ... forever" which was touching and beautiful (as was she. Actually managed to glow after all).

Present: Pat, Alan & Mrs. Miller, Bill & Joan Arnett, Mark & Brandy Taylor,Tim Thompson & Pam Gonzales, and Mojane (Morris and Jane Houston Jones). Tyr Jung was not able to make either event, as flying was sucha mess and driving would have been too much with his schedule. We'll see him soon.

Food was great (Ak & Pat picked out some outstanding sausage). Had to get a last minute cake, but it was very good and just the right size, if a bit hard to cut. We got some terrific presents, and even took a couple along (a fake tarantula and a real foldup loveseat, which figure heavily in photos, as you will see...)

Okay, married, fine, outta there and back home for a few minutes, then drove to Placerville for the wedding night (none of your business). Dinner at Eppie's! A very distinguished restaurant to end a special day.

Monday, October 8: Road day

Driving into Carson City was spectacular, and Ak actually thought going route 50 was not a complete scenic disaster. Drive, stop, drive though -- road work everywhere. Later we stopped for dinner at a greasy spoon in Ely Nevada. It was late, but we decided to keep driving; this is no small deal when heading into one of the most barren stretches of road in the west.

Nevertheless, we made it to Delta (Utah) in time to check into the Super 8, which was really a very nice motel. Weird architecture, with pavilion exterior staircases. Hardly anyone there, which was fine with us.

Bigtime snoozing.