Normal, But Neat, Mesa



Shot in the other direction from about the same point (actually, on the way out, but I'm trying to make a point about the structure of the land generally, and how it will be different later).

Since I have some space here, I'll tell what may be Ak's favorite story from the trip, which happened just after we got up to head for this hike..

Ak likes to shower in the morning, while I normally wait until after the day's activities. So it's fairly typical for me to wander down and get coffee for both of us while she laves. As I was walking back with the two cups in my hands, I passed a somewhat older couple wandering wife-first toward the coffee room, and the Mrs. gave me this huge smile and a bright Good Morning.

Of course I beamed one back, but couldn't figure out what provoked such a greeting until I looked down and realized my wedding ring was quite prominent from her point of view, and probably her husband had never gone out in the morning to get coffee for her!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.